12 February 2011

To Critique an NFL Mock Draft

Its not every day I publicly critique an NFL Mock Draft, but a young man named Jack Mitchell just started a new NFL Draft Website called The Mitchell Draft Company and he asked me to check out his 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

I like the layout of his website and his mock draft looked pretty solid. A lot of Draftniks have recently raised Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller and Jack has him all the way up to the number three slot to the Bills. Miller did look spectacular at he Senior Bowl, but number three seems a little high for him and the Bills desperately need help at receiver and A.J. Green is still available. I checked KFFL and the two starting receivers are Donald Jones and Steve Johnson. I don't know about you but I don't think defensive coordinators stay up at night worrying about those two guys.

At number 11 he has Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith going to the Texans, and yes the Texans do need help at corner, but I have Smith rated as a late second or third round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft. I even have Miami cornerback Brandon Harris rated higher than Smith.

At 31 he has the Steelers drafting Baylor nose-tackle Phil Taylor, I love this pick for the Steelers, Taylor is a 6' 4" 335 pound beast and the Steelers' current starting nose-tackle Casey Hampton is getting long in the tooth.

Lastly, Mr. Mitchell has the Superbowl Champion Packers taking Iowa defensive lineman Christian Ballard. I love Ballard, I am a Hawkeye and NFL Draft Dog was the first media outlet promoting Ballard, I had him as a first rounder on my pre-season 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I actually know his mom and I wish the best for him, but I wonder if maybe he isn't being over hyped a little since he recently showed up in Mel Kipers' 2011 Mock NFL Draft?

So in closing, welcome fellow Draftnik Jack Mitchell, nice website and NL Mock Draft and keep up the good work.

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Bryan said...

For a second I honestly thought you were going to trash this guy's mock draft