15 May 2007

The Curse of the Heisman Trophy

John Heisman

What weighs 25 pounds is made of bronze and is bad luck for quarterbacks in the NFL. Fourteen quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy since 1971 and very few have had any success in the NFL. The strange thing is everybody knows this, but they still get selected in the NFL Draft way higher than they should, year after year. Yes people, the 2006 winner Troy Smith was selected in the fifth round and he probably shouldn’t have even been picked in the NFL Draft at all. There were five players selected ahead of Smith in the 2007 NFL Draft from his own team! He was supposed to be the best player in college football last year, but he wasn’t even in the top 5 of his own team.

Here is an example of how distorted the Heisman Trophy has become, did you know that Troy Smith’s 2,540 votes were the 3rd most votes since 1968, only behind OJ Simpson in 1968 (2,853 votes) and Reggie Bush in 2005 (2541 votes). OJ’s 2,853 votes back in 1968 were pretty amazing. I am 43 years old so I remember watching OJ play when I was a kid, and he was the best running back that I have ever seen in college and the NFL. We all know what happened to OJ, so maybe the Heisman curse had befallen him also.

Since 1971 fourteen quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy, look at all the NFL busts:

1971: Pat Sullivan, Auburn
1989: Andre Ware, Houston
1992: Gino Torretta, Miami (Fl)
1993: Charlie Ward, Florida State
1996: Danny Wuerffle, Florida
200: Chris Weinke, Florida State
2001: Eric Crouch, Nebraska
2003: Jason White, Oklahoma

Yes I understand the Heisman Trophy is not based on NFL potential, but shouldn’t the best player in College Football have success in the NFL? The trophy was named after Coach John Heisman when he died in 1936 from pneumonia. I am sure he is looking down at us from heaven and shaking his head on what has become of his trophy. The award has become politicized and deflated, nothing more than the winner of a popularity contest. Players now talk about their Heisman campaign as if they are running for office. The Downtown Athletic Club needs to overhaul the voting system to allow the best player in college football to win the trophy. It should be based on merit, not politics and his amount of press coverage.

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Kane Gruber said...

You can't call Charlie Ward an NFL bust -- he never entered the NFL.