11 February 2007

2008 NFL Mock Draft

Updated 24 January 2008

The NFL Draft order is almost set. Atlanta, Oakland and Kansas City are all tied up at 4-12, so the NFL will conduct a coin toss at the NFL Scouting Combine to determine actual placement for these teams.

1. Dolphins: Jake Long, OT, Michigan
Bill Parcells is trying to bring Trent Green back and he has a history of bringing in veteran quarterbacks. Whether it's Green or John Beck they need some protection. Glen Dorsey is not a prototype nose guard, but Jeff Ireland (GM) is shopping this pick around. His words, "We are open for business".

2. Rams: Chris Long, DE, Virginia
Howie Long's son is a special talent (6' 4" 278 lbs) capable of playing defensive end or outside linebacker. His motor never stops and he is destined to be a hall of famer.

3. Falcons: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
The Falcons need a franchise QB to come in and rejuvenate the pride of the team. The new coach probably needs to clean house and start with a new slate of players.

4. Raiders: Darren McFadden, (JR), RB, Arkansas
The Raiders should be set at quarterback with JaMarcus Russell at the helm. McFadden is too good to pass up, but watch the Cowboys make a move up here and try to get McFadden, however the price might be too high.

5. Chiefs: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
Missing out on Jake Long the Chiefs grab the top defensive tackle in the draft. He will help an improving defense. The Chiefs will focus on offensive lineman in the later rounds.

6. NY Jets: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
Undersized at 6' 1" 300 pounds, but he plays much bigger than that, and has an uncanny knack for knifing in and creating chaos in the opposing teams backfield. Ellis was spectacular at the Senior Bowl.

7. Patriots: Vernon Ghoslton, DE, (JR), Ohio State
From San Francisco: The Patriots linebackers are getting very old and Gholston is highly prized for teams that run a 34 defense. At a chiseled 6' 3" 265 he has the size and athletic ability to play standing up for the Pats.

8. Ravens: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
Louisville had a terrible year, but Brohm was still electric. Brohm threw for 4024 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2007. Coach Brian Billick was fired and the Raven need a fresh face at quarterback. Missing the Senior Bowl will not help his stock however.

9. Bengals: Dan Connor, LB, Penn State
Conner outplayed teammate and Butkis award winner Paul Posluszny in 2006. The Bengals really need to shore up their run defense and that is Connors strength.

10. Saints: Keith Rivers, LB, USC
The Saints really need a cornerback, but Rivers is just to good to pass up. He was dominant at the Senior Bowl.

11. Bills: Mario Manningham, (JR), WR, Michigan
Speaking of Manningham, he really finished his junior year strong, before Jenkins shut him down, he had five straight games with 100 yards or more of receiving and 9 TDs.

12. Broncos: Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
The Broncos just can't stop the run and Balmer is an excellent run stopper. Look for the Broncos to focus on defense in this draft.

13. Panthers: Ryan Clady, (JR), OT, Boise State
The Panthers had trouble running the ball consistently in 2007, Clady is a very experienced for a junior, and is a super athletic offensive lineman.

14. Bears: Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware
The Bears try to trade down but can't, they don't think Flacco will be there in the second round. Flacco is 6' 6" 235 pounds and has a cannon for an arm, maybe the next Ben Roethlisberger.

15. Lions: Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC
The Lions get an excellent, much needed pass rusher in Jackson. They also need offensive lineman, but Jackson is a playmaker that is to good to pass up.

16. Cardinals: Sam Baker, OT, USC
Drafting Levi Jones to play right tackle last year was a step in the right direction, now Baker can man the left side for years to come.

17. Vikings: Derrick Harvey, (JR), OLB, Florida
Harvey is a pass rushing terror and will give the Vikings some speed coming off the edge. At 6' 3" 250 pounds he can also play linebacker. He recorded 17 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks in 2007.

18. Texans: Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
Very impressive physically, good feet, athletic and good size at 6' 6" 320 pounds. The Texans have neglected their offensive line for years. A fast riser after a stellar Senior Bowl.

19. Eagles: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
Injured his wrist in 2007 and missed most of the season. Attempted to come back and play in the senior Bowl but reinjured his wrist. Sweed is big (6' 4" 217 lbs)and talented, but will have to run good and prove he is healthy to susatin this lofty draft grade.

20. Buccaneers: Jonathan Stewart, RB,(JR) Oregon
Carnell (Cadillac) Williams hasn't been able to stay healthy and Stewart had an impressive closeout to the 2007 season rushing for 163 yards against Oregon State. For the year he rushed for 1,469 yards and 10 TDs.

21. Redskins: Phillip Merling, (JR), DE, Clemson
Merling is vastly underrated and had an outstanding junior year finishing with 17 tackles for loss and 7 sacks. At 6' 4" 272 pounds he is a strong against the run or the pass. Merling was much better in 2007 that Miami's over rated prospect Calais Campbell.

22. Cowboys: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
From Cleveland: The Cowboys get lucky to see McKelvin drop so low. He is the top rated cornerback on most teams draft board. McKelvin gets his hands on a lot of balls.

23. Steelers: Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
Capable of playing both guard or tackle, Otah is a talented monster at 6' 6" 339 pounds and will give the Steelers some quality youth and depth on their offensive lineline.

24. Titans: Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State
The Titans really need a receiver, Bowman (6' 4" 225 lbs) bounced back nicely from a serious knee injury to perform admirably at the Senior Bowl practices and in the game.

25. Seahawks: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
Jenkins is a super quick ball hawk that intercepts a lot of balls. Marcus Trufant is likely gone via free agency.

26. Jaguars: Malcolm Kelly, (JR), WR, Oklahoma
Kelly is a special talent, nice size at 6' 4" 215 pounds and good ball skills. He will have to run real fast at the combine to retain this lofty draft grade.

27. Chargers: Dominique Rogers-Cromartie
Two "Cromartie" DBs on the same team? Dominique is a super fast and talented Division 1AA prospect that can play corner or safety. Should run under 4.40 at the NFL Scouting Combine.

28. Cowboys: Felix Jones, RB, (JR) Arkansas
This pick seems like a natural. Julius Jones will not be resigned and Jones can spell Marion Barber on 3rd downs and return kicks and punts. As a backup to Darren Mcfadden, Jones rushed for 1,162 yards and 11 TDs in 2007. He also had a nice 8.7 yards per carry average.

29. 49ers: Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
From Indianapolis: Cherilus is an excellent prospect due to his size (6' 6" 315 lbs) and versatility. He played right tackle as a junior and left tackle as a senior. Joe Staley will be moved to the left side and Cherilus can play the right side where he has played 37 out of last 50 starts.

30. Packers: Aqib Talib, (JR), CB, Kansas
Talib is a niced sized corner that some are saying could be moved to free safety. CB Al Harris was abused in the NFC title game with the Giants.

31. Giants: Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame
This is a tough pick here. The Giants need a linebacker, but Ali Highsmith might be a tad small at 6' 0 223 pounds. The emergence of rookie WR Steve Smith, CB Aaron Ross and RB Ahmad Bradshaw means the Giants biggest need is at defensive tackle. laws is a monster (6' 1" 305 lbs) tackling machine. He recorded an amazing 112 tackles from his DT position this year and dominated the action at the Senior Bowl practices.

32. New England: Forfeited Pick
The Patriots will will lose their 2008 first round NFL Draft pick. The Pats were penalized by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after they were caught videotaping signals from the New York Jets' sideline during New England's 38-14 win Sunday September 9th at Giants Stadium.


DeuceTrey said...

i stopped reading after you put McFadden being drafted by the Raiders. He is was only a sophomore this past season, making him ineligable for the draft. come on, if you are going to make a mock draft, know who is actually in the draft.

Mini Me said...

2008 mock draft! Amazing. I am really interested to see how Henne and Brohm do next season and how their play affects their draft position.

Robert Bryant said...

deucetrey..looked closely, it is a 2008 Mock Draft, meaning McFadden will be a junior and almost certain to be in the draft.

Robert Bryant said...

Thanks for your comment Mini me.....I wonder if Maybe Colt Brennan from Hawaii will also be in the first round mix. Also Matt Ryan from Boston College is very impressive.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Robert,

Just dropping by to thank you for leaving a comment in my post How BlogExplosion can 'explode' traffic to your site and that I have responded to your comment. I have since updated that update and made an active link to AdSense Help Center.

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
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Ron Rose said...

You have got to be kidding me. First off, where in the world is Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russell? And how is Brohm going to be picked in the top 10 if he already announced that he's not entering the Draft. Now I may have given you some sort of sympathy if you had posted this maybe a year ago, but this is just ridiculous. A real issue I would like to bring up is that in an actual mock draft set up by Mel Kiper, Paul Pluznusky was not even in the third round. I'm not exactly sure what happened to him but a year ago he was one of the top linebackers in the nation. I think overall though, this draft is going to be one for the ages and unlike the mock draft above, it will actually contain the all-stars of college football.

KicKnWinG 2 said...

Pretty sweet site, going to put a link to you on my blog. Im curious to see who ends up with Martellus Bennett. I think he will be a good pro tight end.

Robert Bryant said...

Ron Rose, please take a closer look. It is a 2008 NFL Draft, Russell and Quinn were drafted the year before. LOL

kicknwing, thanks for the kind words and link, I checked out your NFL Scores blog and addded your link as well.

Rob said...

Hi Robert-

Good job... I am looking forward to the 08 draft already :)

The QB class next year I think is far superior - in addition to the names you have, there is Andre Woodson, and my favorite, Colt Brennan.

I wonder why Cason is so low? I think his athletic ability will drive him up the charts.

Rob Tribbett
War Room Report - Your NFL, College Football, and Mock Draft Source!

Anonymous said...

2008 NFL MOCK DRAFT?... you can mark this...first QB to be drafted will be COLT BRENNAN, repping University of HAWAII!

Anonymous said...

Consider Rob Agnone from University of Delaware as a TE candidate. He is 6'6", 260 lbs and has worked closely with Ben Patrick this past year. He is very athletic, and has a great work ethic.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see a 2nd round for your 2008 Mock Draft....is that possible??

Burns said...

First off this is not meant to be a negative post at all. just wondering if you have a thing for LSU? you put 4 in the top 12. That may be a bit ridiculous. All in all this is really good though. Im a huskerfan through and through (no booing). do you really think bowman will be a pro safety? he's a cover corner in college with 4.3 speed.

Robert Bryant said...

Thanks for all of your comments, no I don't have a thing for LSU, they just have a lot of young talent. I don't think I will do a 2008 two-round Draft right now, that would be tough, instead I will take my 2007 NFL Draft out a full two rounds.

Duran said...

Dont you think if ian johnson enters the draft next year he would be a late first round pick.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the effort so far in advance, but leaving Colt Brennan off this list was a sin. He'll be the first quarterback taken, barring injury. He would have been picked over Brady Quinn this year if he left early.

Anonymous said...

Colt Brennan will be a top 5 pick. Shame on you for forgetting him just because he plays in Hawaii. Other than that, nice effort.

Anonymous said...

Where would WR Marcus Monk, Arkansas be on this list? The guy posted 962 receiving yards with one of the worst passing offenses in all of college football. Not to mention that he was constantly double teamed. The guy is a beast at 6'6 and 217 lbs and great hands (he has lots of basketball experience).

Ed Peterson said...

Hey there Robert,

Nice job on the 2008 Draft. I agree with all the LSU guys in the top 12 as well!!! Possible Nat. Title in store for the Bayou Bengals. I also agree that Brian Brohm will be the 1st QB selected over Colt Brennan. There is no possible way in hell a NFL GM is going to take a QB from a "mid-major" pass happy system who also has had character issues over a seasoned vet like Brohm who has that great prototypical size and NFL arm...not to mention the NFL family pedigree. Keep up the good work Robert.

-Ed Peterson (Baltimore, MD)

michigan man said...

pretty good over all but, I think that Mike Hart will have a great season this year and he will make a run at the heisman. He will go in the first round. I agree that Chad henne and Brian Brohm will go ahead of Colt Breanan. If Mario Manningham does end up going pro a year early he will go a lot higher than 30. He would have had the best season out of any receiver if he didnt get hurt.

The Saint said...

Just trying to help here. I watch LSU closly, and as much as I would like to agree with your comments about their players...there are some inaccuracies. I agree, Dorsey will be a top 10 pick. Tyson Jackson made huge strides last year, in his first year as a starter, however, he needs to flash more consistancy in his ability to get to the QB. Vs the run, he is nearly there, but the comparisons to Mario Williams at this point are extremely pre-mature. In fact, I don't see very many simularities in their styles at all. Williams in college=inconsistant effort, Jackson (so far)=very high motor and stamina. Williams is a better pass rusher than Jackson at this point...and probably always. Charles Grant is a better comparison. This year will be a big test for Jackson. If he can improve as much as he did from '05-'06, then top 10 is reasonable. Arnold is a guard. I don't know if that was a typo, but Arnold has never played tackle and will never play there. He was the best G in the country last year, not Herman Johnson. If the only LSU game you saw last year was the Sugar Bowl, than Johnson looks like a first round talent. He will be a Senior, not Junior next year and has been plagued with inconnsistancy. Despite the glaring holes at Right and Left tackle the past two years, Johnson could not play either of those positions because he is not very athletic and has slow feet. He also struggled the whole year reaching the second level and sustaining blocks once he got there. To say at this point that LSU will have two guards taken in the first round next year is just plain unresearched. Doucet has been a solid third receiver for the Tigers, but I just don't know if he can step up to be a go-to guy. He can make a lot of money this year if he can prove he is. Jury is still out. Hope this helps a little.

Anonymous said...

What about keith rivers (LB, USC)? I think either him or dan connors will be the top LB in the class next year.

BE-i said...

Colt Brennan may be controversial due to the ease of placing him in the same category as Hawaii's prior "system" QB, Timmy Chang. But it should not be overlooked that although Brennan throws for mega yards and TDs, his accuracy is still higher than nearly every other QB playing at the college level with him, and this is while throwing quite a few more passes per game than them. Combined with his ability to read coverage, his ability to evade the rush, and quick release, Brennan should be one of, if not the top QB taken in the 2008 draft. Let's hope Hawaii has a good enough season so we can all see him perform on TV, because he really is impressive.

Anonymous said...

You don't think USC OT Sam Baker will be a first rounder in 2008? He might go ahead of Long.

Anonymous said...

Why is nobody putting Miami DE Calais Campbell's name out there?
He will be the top D-line prospect next year.

AlanTdot said...

Where are the real OT's that are going to be at the top of this draft?
Sam Baker
Micheal Oher
Jared Gaither

where are they?

Anonymous said...

Some people never fail to amaze !!
Lets look at the QB situation for 2008 and what the facts are: The lsit below has 21 QB's that should be part of the prospect list for 2008. Let's not forget where a player plays collegiately does not guarantee success in the league, if they get there. Players like McNair and Leftwich could attest to that statement as well as Pennington. System QB's such as Spurriers QB 's out of Florida over the years prove that they will get the look but none of them have been successful.

Brian Brohm- Louisville- highly touted solid prospect,good pedigree, big kid, good arm, good release, not very fast and prone to injury. 2 major injuries in 2 years. New system could be a detriment to TD to pic ratio. Should be 1st QB taken in 2008 if he can stay healthy. He could have possibly been the 1st QB taken this year if he came out ? Will never know.

Chad Henne-Michigan- This kid has not improved in anyway and has become a JOKE!!! Will have started for 4 years and has not gotten any better in anyway especially having super ahletes around him since his Freshman year . He peaked his first year and has not been able to improve. He is 6-2 and is not very fleet of foot. His arm strength is at best average, and his release is slow. His leadership skills have been suspect especially starting for 3 years. Not anywhere as talented as Quinn and the ND QB was nearly overlooked after breaking all the records at ND. Henne will of course get a look but that is only cause of where he plays not becasue of his skills and improving each year.

Andre Woodson-KY- Solid Prospect, big strong arm moves well . Seems to have good leadership skills
should be a top pick

Matt Fynn-LSU will get a look,cause of his 2006 bowl game outing, not very big with decent arm . His pefrormance this season will be an issue in his opportunity to be drafted.

Matt Ryan- BC- Solid Prospect tall but lean and prone to injury Good arm and smart, moves well and tough kid

Anthony Morelli-PSU- Good arm but not very smart moves ok, decision making is suspect, but will get the look cause of where he is at.

JD Booty- USC- Has tremendous players around him and still struggles His overall skills are questionable but will still get a look cause of playing at USC. arm strength and footwork very suspect

Colt Brennan- Hi- System QB alot like Chang was. Where is Chang? Accurate with short throws in this system. There are no real reads to make in that system. It is bascially catch and throw. He does not have to go thru a progression in the run and shoot system. Brennan will get a very good look but he is very lean in weight and will not withstand punishment delt out in the league . Has a quick release and good arm. Moves well,
College Stats do not spell success in the league much like HS stats do not spell success in college
NFL scouts do not care about stats!
He defintely would not have gone ahead of Quinn or he would have come out. The 2007 pre draft status by scouts had him listed as a high possible 2nd round pick which would have been in the area of 3-6 taken, but no guarnatee.

Sam Keller-NE- If he starts he may get a good look. Big with strong arm.Moves ok. Very egotistical and has a I am the Man attitude!!Started for 2 years at ASU but seems to be a headcase. Callahan has contacts being a former NFL coach.

Ainge- TN- He will really stink the joint up this year He started for 3 years and had tremendous WR's and still could not win. Wont be looked at to closely unless Uncle Danny steps in? Tall with decent arm, does not move well at all. not very tough kid

Kyle Wright- Miami- HUGE Dissappointment- He is fortunate if he wins the starting job. May get a look cause he is at Miami
decent arm ,moves ok

Dennis Dixon- OR- Simply an athlete and very light in weight. Good arm but looks to get out of the pocket and run, lacks good decision making

Blake Mitchell- SC- Very weak arm and inconsistent. Not very smart
very slow, but a Spurrier QB so?

COX- Auburn- To small and weak arm
moves decent, has slow release

Brink - Wash St.Big guy with good arm but slow. May get a look depending on his Senior year

Smith- Tulsa - not big and system QB. Now has new system to learn, movs ok, questionable

O'Connel- San Diego St- Big decent arm but doesnt move well, questionable decision making

Zac Champion- LA Tech- Good arm but only 6'0 Much like Leake, methodical and small

Hagubook- Troy State- Stong kid with good feet and arm , but looks to run before throwing. Decsion making an issue

Tafralis- San Jose St- Deent arm moves ok . not very big,

Todd Spitzer-Western Carolina - Big kid with strong arm , moves well,very quick release, good leadership skills should get a strong look,

Flacco- Delaware- big kid with strong arm and should get a good look, lefty with a side arm delivery, moves well and is smart

These comments are simply what is known to this point and in almost each case include known facts. If looked at honestly without being bias toward their favorite team or player you will find them to be accurate.

Anonymous said...

Kansas CB Aqib Talib will go in the first round.

Anonymous said...

i dont get how u hav chad henne 4th overall and john david booty not even on there

Anonymous said...

Where is Antoine Cason. He is the best corner in college footbal

Anonymous said...

San Fran doesn't even have a 1st round pick next year

Anonymous said...

Dude,u should do your research before you post stupid remarks on peoples mocks a year in advance mock at that.49ers do have a first from the colts.If i were u id sth up and appoligize for making an idiot remark.

Anonymous said...

Hey who ever made this mock draft sure needs to redue it because with the 20th pick the Giants are in need of a running back and not a Wide Reciever and the perfect player to fill in that need is a hometown kid by the name of Ray Rice from Rutgers.

A Real Fan said...

Dwight Lowery is going to be the stud of the draft shutdown corner just ask Trent Edwards. The saints would be lucky to have him that low

Anonymous said...

uofl's harry douglas will be taken before mario urrutia

Anonymous said...

Make sure you take a look at JSU's center Lorenzo Breland.
Lorenzo 6'1 320 is a four year starter for the tigers heading into his senior season.
Interesting fact:Johnathan Bender (former Indiana Pacer) is his 1st cousin and Morris Peterson (Toronto Raptors) is his 2nd cousin. He has athletes in his blood.Also Breland maintains the highest GPA on the team.A real student of the game.
Check out www.jsutigers.com.

Anonymous said...

the first round QBs will be Brohm, Henne, and Brennan. There are other first round talents at QB also but not that many teams need QBs that badly. Guys like Woodson, Ainge, Flynn, and Booty could get into the first round depending on how this seaon turns out. But if the draft were now, the guys that I named up top would be first rounders and the ones i just named would be 2nd-4th rounders.

Now the later round steals.
-Brandon Cox- plays in a porstyle offense now and looks like he could have a good senior season.
-Dennis Dixon (oregon)- plays in a spread offense right now and has good mobility. Don't know if he has the speed to make the switch to WR but could be a decent QB.
-Bret Meyer (Iowa St.)- Thought to be a top QB last season but was somewhat of a disappointment. Copuld bounce back and have a good year.
-Kyole Wright (Miami)- Looked to be the future of Miami at one point, now after a decent sophmore season and a not so good junior season (mostly due to a thumb injury that he played with for most of the season). With a new offensive coordinater, he could put up some pretty good numbers in his senior season and be a late round steal.

Anonymous said...

Can you take a look at the 2008 NFL prospects from the SWAC.I think the conference can be very well represented in the 2008 draft.

Dwash said...

Very nice blog. I'd have desean jackson going much higher though. Ginn went 9...


Anonymous said...

I like your mock draft, but you did make an error that could affect a good portion of Round 1. The Patriots have the 49ers 1st pick in Round 1, while the 49ers have the Colts pick. With the Pats in need of a young inside linebacker, they might take Laurenitis (son or Road Warrior Animal) as their 1st of two picks in Round 1. They could take another linbacker prospect with their second pick if there is one available that they have ranked high enought, but it is more likely that they will take a defensive back with their second 1st round selection.

Redo this with that in mind and see what you come up with.


Anonymous said...

Casey Hansen has all the tools to be a good NFL Quarterback.

It's his season to finally shine at NSU and shock the people that gave up on him too early...


Anonymous said...

QB's - Only one in the First round? Very unlikely...Take a quick overview of the entire NFL and many teams are going to be hurting for a solid one, for instance:
Packers - Got lucky with the first win over the Eagles, Favre is done;
Dolphins - Trent Green isn't gonna do it;
Ravens: McNair hurts a decent team, Boller won't do it either; Chiefs - Got rid of Trent Green and still had nothin;
Texans - Hmm, nuff said;
Browns - Yeah;
and I may even have to put Falcons here, unless people really think Harrington can pull it off...
All these teams, all these needs at QB, and only 1 going in the first round? I say atleast 3 go in the first round, maybe even 4...
In this order:Brian Brohm, Colt Brennan, Matt Ryan, Andre Woodson; I'm sure it will not go in that order because prospects despise the run n chute of June Jones' Hawaii offense, but wherever he goes, he's gonna blow it up...Oh, and the reason I didn't put Henne or Booty in this group, Henne choked in 2 games, one to a I-AA team and got injured as well; Booty is just an average quarterback on an amazing team, and any QB coming out of USC has to be good, right? No, I like to compare him to Rex Grossman last year, who is a horrible quarterback with a great supporting cast...One more thing, Dallas needs something in the defensive backfield, they like to get burnt deep, A LOT, and I highly doubt a reciever first; I'm guessing more along the lines of Antoine Cason, an amazing shutdown corner, as their first pick, and they like to trade around in drafts, so possibly trade Julius Jones away and get another high pick.

Anonymous said...

sorry this list doesn't even have Colt Brennan in it which makes it not even worth reading!

Anonymous said...

Andre Woodson is a top 10 pick and not even in your 1st Rd, what a joke.

Robert Bryant said...

Thanks for the comments folks, I am still not sold on Andre Woodson, even though I do admit he will probably be a late first round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Has anyone but me noticed his (Woodson's) delivery? Woodson has a long, slow delivery, he cocks the ball way back before he throws it. I don't like it and I wouldn't draft him if I were an NFL GM.

James said...

Are you absolutly mad Woodson will be the Top QB taken in the draft!!!325 pass attempts without an INT and a 67% pass completion wow woodson will be the first QB taken, and if UK wins out ( extremely highly unlikly) UK will be in a BCS bowl game maybe even the NC game

Anonymous said...

go cowboys, when will pat white be picked?

Stoic said...

If you don't mind me asking, why do you have the NY Jets picking so low? Wouldn't they have to win nearly every remaining game to get that kind of pick?

Anonymous said...

Colt Brennan isn't a system quarterback. However he has two things going against him possibly taking himself out of the 1st-2nd round mix. Height- 6'3, weight less than 200.

stewarthl1 said...

Ok so there are some problems with your draft. First off there is absolutely no way that the Rams take QB. I like that you have Ryan going first though I think he has more potential than Woodson. Secondly I think that both Long and Dorsey will be top 5 picks because they are both ridiculous at their positions. Oh yeah and with Tennessee Jones is probably coming back and even if he doesn't their defense has been awesome this year. What do they need? Ummmm..... a big wide receiver so I just think you have Limas Sweed going one pick to late because he should be reunited with his college QB. Do you think Manningham is better than Malcolm Kelly? Personally I don't think he is a top 15 pick also. But all in all not bad I thought it was pretty good. If you want to check out mine and give me some feed back go to http://newnfldraft.com Tell me what you think and criticize a little so I can make some adjustments.

Rob said...

How you don't foresee Brennan going in the first round is ultra perplexing. The name of the game in the NFL, if one is to have any chance to hang with the Colts and Patriots is to pass the ball and often! A nice fit for Brennan would be with the Lions. Brennan without a doubt would excel in Martz system.

stewarthl1 said...

I disagree Rob. Brennan has shown to be too inconsistent. He may be good down the road but he is nothing special now. Secondly, the Lions drafted a QB in last years draft. So they aren't looking for a QB unless they think they misdrafted. Also if they wanted Brennan he will be around in the second or third round. He is not even in peoples top 5 QB's anymore.

Hawaiian said...

stewarthl1 said...
I disagree Rob. Brennan has shown to be too inconsistent. He may be good down the road but he is nothing special now. Secondly, the Lions drafted a QB in last years draft. So they aren't looking for a QB unless they think they misdrafted. Also if they wanted Brennan he will be around in the second or third round. He is not even in peoples top 5 QB's anymore.

November 7, 2007 11:11 AM

Inconsistant?!? Have you EVER seen him play?? I doubt it. Comparing Brennan to Chang is idiotic. LOOK AT THE PERCENTAGES!! CHANG HAD WAY MORE INTS!!

Don't talk about stuff if you have no idea!!

Brennan is the best QB in the draft. He is running a very complex offense. HE DOES NOT MISS!!
Against WASHINGTON; 42-50 440yds 5TDs.... Need I say more?!? 42 of 50?!?! Has ANY of the other QBs had anything even close to that?? How bout bringing team back from 14+pt defecits on more than 3 instances this season?

Brennan will go in the first round... I hope to the Vikings... Brennan+Peterson=Unhappy Defensive Coordinators.

Peoples top 5.... go ask Mel Kiper...

Get a clue... Hawaii had 10+ people taken in the draft last year... that no one even had on their boards... and that Colt was expected to go early last year, before he showed everyone how big his balls are by STAYING FOR HIS SENIOR SEASON, and leading his team to thier 1st outright conferance title and undefeated seasons... EVER... Brennan is under the radar, but the scouts know he's there... quote me

If J.P. Losman went in the 1st round, Colt goes... without a doubt!!

Anonymous said...

Where's Mike Hart....he's probably the second or third best back in college football!

And the best corner in college is not Anoine Cason, but Malcolm Jenkins
Know Dat!!!

Anonymous said...

With the NFL Draft right around the corner who do you consider to be sleeper players? I think the Flacco kid from Deleware maybe one of the better quarterbacks in the 2008 draft and I think he will prove it I think the a kid out of a small school in North Carolina called Gardner Webb named Duvaughn Flagler will turn some NFL scouts heads during work outs. The kids 6'1 215 with a 40 inch vertical I watched him play this year and 2 years ago and he is very impressive and he has good speed and knows how to break tackles. Some scouts say he runs in the 4.6 range but I think they must have had slow stop watches cause this kid can move. The last kid under the radar is a guy from Howard University by the name of Rudy Hardie the kid is nothing but raw talent. He is about 6'3 and has good size and just gets after it. I believe he maybe one of the biggest sleepers in this upcoming draft. Look for a lot of small school players to get drafted or picked up this year more than ever before.

Anonymous said...

Its funny to see all these people who are being shut up now. Whining about how Brennan is not on this list. Guess what, now that everything has been said and done I don't see Colt Brennan on any NFL Mock Draft 1st Round board. Considering this was way before the season ended I have to say you did a great job. But if you could just update the order, I would really love to see what you think is going to happen now. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm amused to see the number of Michigan players up there...particularly Long who got MAJORLY shown up by Appalachian State!!!!

If you're going to put Long up there, Kevin Richardson needs to be there because he and Armanti just completely EMBARASSED Michigan!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Cincy take a DE instead of a LB. Their LB corps is actually not that bad. They made some smart moves to get Jones and when Johnson got back into the lineup their run D got alot better. Justin Smith will likely be gone in 08' (not that we will miss him much) so they need to get a solid pass rusher. I think Marvin is going to try to change to a 3-4 so we need DE. I would like to see Billick and Lewis back together as well. Something to think about.....

Anonymous said...

brennan brohm woodson o my brennan brohm woodson o my! does anyone remember matt ryan?

Anonymous said...

brennan? are you guys kidding? consistant? did you see the bowl game? the biggest game of his career and he shows that he doesn't belong. he was a big fish in a small pond, throw him in with the real big fish and he shows he can't hang

Robert Bryant said...

Colt Brennan did struggle against Georgia, but you can't lay all the blame on him. His offensive line were completly embarrassed. He had a defender in his face as soon as he got the ball on every play. Give him a little protection and he can still be a quality NFL quarterback.

L said...

Im personally hoping the raiders Draft Vernon Ghoslton to complement derrick burgess, and help that secondary..


Don Tony said...

Being a Cowboy fan, I'm loving the fact that you have them trading their two first rounders and next years third for the number one to pick up McFadden. I hope they do exactly this as Julius Jones has not been showing up as we thought he would when we drafted him. Showing this in your draft has put some slight chance of hope in my mind that Jerry Jones could pull this off with Parcells.

Inside the Iggles said...

The Eagles will not take a linebacker in the first round.

They havn't done that since the 70s, and they do not value the position that high.

They also have four very talented linebackers on the team. Takeo Spikes, Omar Gaither, Chris Gocong, and Stewart Bradley. Jim Johnson joked that he might have to switch to a 3-4 next season.

I would look for a CB, DE, or maybe even an OT if one of the top guys fall.

Jeff said...

No way on Earth the #1 pick goes that cheap! Sure, the Cowboys have two first rounders, but combined they are worth about the #8 overall (according to the infamous "Draft Value Chart" http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/features/valuechart.html) The Cowboys would have to include their 2nd rounder, PLUS Marion Barber for the Dolphins to even consider it, and I would still not accept that unless they threw in at least a #2 next year, considering it will almost certainly be another late pick. Rick Spielman doesn't work for the Dolphins anymore, sorry ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't see Felix Jones anywhere ... he'll declare & if Dallas doesn't trade up; think Seahawks, GB or Dallas w/2 picks would be teams to take him.

Anonymous said...

I think what the Dolphins should do is trade the 1st overall pick to Davis and the Raiders for their 1st round pick this year (take Chris Long) their 3rd round pick this year (take a defensive lineman) and their 1st round pick next season (top 10 pick again). I think McFadden is worth a hell of alot more than Ricky Williams coming out of college and his rights were traded for an entire draft. Go Fins... great moves this year so far Parcells.

Anonymous said...

I can garantee you the Raiders would not pass on Dorsey.

csgraham said...

Yeah I don't see the Cowboys trading up for Mcfadden at all....and I would hate to see it happen. The Cowboys have more needs than a Superstar running back; they could still get Charles from TX with their first pick and address Wide Receiver or Corner Back with the second pick. I personally hope they get Talib and Charles, and address Reciever next year after Owens and Glenn leave.

phinBUM said...

Phins won't be trading the #1 overall pick to Dallas. Many mock'ers have this becasue Dallas is the only team with two numbers but if you check the value charts, which every GM uses, two later first rounders + a 3rd rounder do not add up to the #1 overall pick.

Anonymous said...

this mock draft is alright............ but mario maningham is going to defintly stay at MICHIGAN! also........where is Henne and where is Mike Hart! also............ Matt Ryan is way to over rated also colt brennen,and brohm are too . Henne will get picked by falcons and woodson will get picked by ravens

Anonymous said...

No way Miami trades the number 1 pick for 19, 31 and an 09 3rd. Typical Dallas pipedream. Brennan is a 2nd round pick at best. I also believe New England moves down, they can't afford a top 10 contract and to re-sign all their free agents.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious...????.....Parcells wants to turn the Dolphins around. There's no way he's going to give up the number one pick to Jerry Jones....who he didn't get along with at Dallas.....or to anybody at all. In order to turn this team around, he's not going to give up the number one pick!

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to seeing this draft. I think dallas will not get number 1 draft pick and the dolphins will pick glenn dorsey. HE IS A BEAST. to bad Kentucky and Arkansas beat them...especially UK that was an amazing game. Who cares though they killed osu. MATT RYAN IS OVERRATED AND COLT BRENNEN IS TO the best QB's are brohm henne and woodson.

Anonymous said...

i think buffalo will end up with dan connor linebacker out of penn state and with paul pol already there it will be the best inside linebackers in the nfl

alec jones 88 said...

the person below me is a complete idiot! mcfadden was a junior this season, so YOU get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Here's the steal of draft this year, the kid from that little school in N.Carolina, Gardner Webb. A physical specimen comparable to Terrell Owens, but with better hands. He will be like Colston of the Saints, for the team that selects him in this years draft. I've seen this kid several times throughout his career; I've also watched several high ranking SEC receivers, Flagler is special.

effay said...

Glenn Dorsey
Jake Long
Jonathan Stewart
Adarius Bowman

Antoine Cason
Kenny Phillips

Anonymous said...

henne is a third rounder at best. brennan put up fabulous numbers but regressed badly from the ridiculous statline he managed last year. brohm is the most nfl ready qb in the draft, ryan has the best arm but has zero mobility, woodson has all the skills but is very raw and needs time to develop. dorsey will never fall to the 5th pick, he is the closest thing to a surefire star the draft has ever seen. even though this mock was made before juniors declared it still has some huge flaws. NO linebacker would have gone before laurinitis if he declared and harvey has no shot at the top 10, hes going to need a monster showing at the combine to make the first round. kenny phillips cant be a steal when he is the unanimous #1 safety and argueably #1 overall defensive back in the draft, and a guarentee to be picked in the first half of the 1st round barring injury

Anonymous said...

Why is Aqib Talib not in the first round?

bigmiked said...

I like the draft you've put together here, especially the cowboys. I do not think the Giants will pick an RB, with the emergence of Bradshaw they seem to be ok at that position. I think a Safety, Butler is horrible.

dabeast said...

i dont understand why u have jake long goin number one the dolphins have a greater need on the defensive line and do really think the chiefs will go defensive i mean their defense wasnt bad but hte o line was flat out horrible

DieHardPackerFanatic17 said...

Packers taking an OT!?!?! What!?!? If Cason and Talib are still available like they are in this draft, the Pack will take one of them not an OT!!

Anonymous said...

Hey what about CB Parker Vaughan out of Mississippi State Bible College. He has a 49" vertical and runs 4.5 speed. He had 28 interceptions this year???????????????????????????????????????????????????. I'd rather have him than chad henne

edward said...

I disagree the Atlanta Falcons do not nned a QuarterBack . They need line help Mel you have not look at the Falcons long enough to realize the what they really need is a O-line man and D-lineman,

Anonymous said...

Where is the love for Mike Hart for the U... of Michigan, he is such a beast

Stewbomb said...

Anonymous I agree with you that Mike Hart is a beast and he I do think that he will be successful in the NFL. However, he is not seen as a first round running back because of his size and he doesn't have top tier speed. He is kind of like a Travis Henry small but a beast so he will be succesfull look fr whoever gets him to be very happy afterward.

JJ said...

hey bigmiked the giants wont draft a rb they got brandon jacobs who is as big as a lb and bradshaw to back him up. So they have a power(jacobs) and speed(bradshaw) tandom the giants need a quality corner or safety their d led the league in sacks with osi strahan and tuck leadin the way. But in the second round they need to get a d-lineman to replace strahan when he retires give him one year to learn the system and he'll get time in the preseason this year because mike doesnt do preseason anymore. Laws will fall i gaurantee it then you can make a trade like 3rd and 5th round pick with the 49ers because they have no idea about drafting comeon tully bants cain for a first round pick that screwed them.

Anonymous said...

What about Andre Woodson? You really think he will drop out of the first round? I dont think he will as most mocks have him in the top 10 and Im sorry but if he still there when Tampa drafts at 20, Gruden will take him and get a RB later on the first day. Tampa could also pick a WR or CB as well.

Anonymous said...

Flacco is a joke, everybody talks about how good he is and they rate him over Woodson, because he had a good senior bowl practice ohhhhhh he can throw the ball with no pressure or contact how awesome, they put him in the senior bowl and he goes 1 for 2 with an INT, while Woodson put 10 points up on the board for the south,Flacco had 42TD's and 15 Ints in two years in that crap conference that they are in, when Woodson was a 2nd team all american in the SEC throwing 71TD's and 18Int in two years, in the SEC those are great #'s, and sorry for writing so much but i had to say it somewhere, and I really want Andre Woodson

Anonymous said...

Hey duecetrey I stopped reading after you said McFadden was ineligible for the draft! Wrong he definitly is so get your facts straight instead of critizizing someone who makes a great mock draft!

Anonymous said...

The QB class is so weak they think Matt Ryan is the best qb when he looks just like the next Todd Marinovich. McFadden lower body looks like Jeff George! Overated! This year take a safe pick!

Timmy C said...

How about some people from Div IAA schools...Joe Flacco was QB at Delaware and passed for over 4200 yards as a Sr and 2800 as a Jr. Alongside Flacco was Omar Cuff at RB. Cuff scored an NCAA Div I record 35 TDs last year while running for 1945 yards. Josh Johnson was QB at San Diego and threw for 2988 yards and threw for 43 TDs. He was the QB for the West in the East-West Shrine game. Tim Hightower is the RB from Richmond and rushed for 2701 yards with 29 TDs. Kevin Richardson from Appalachian State didn't do much in 2007, but still managed to rush for 1348 yards and 16 TDs. In 2006, he rushed for 1676 yards and set an NCAA record of 30 TDs, which was broken by Omar Cuff in 2007. The story about Kevin Richardson is that he was a walk on and nobody knew his name. He was #7 on the depth chart and couldn't run for crap. He moved into the starting position and became the Appalachian State All-time leading rusher in basically 3 years. Other Mountaineers entering the draft are WRs Dexter Jackson and Hans Batichon. They did very well over the years. Dexter Jackson is probably one of the fastest people in Division I football in the Nation. Last, but not least is Corey Lynch, the Free Safety from App State. He is the one who blocked the field goal attempt against Michigan on September 1, 2007 and ran it back to the 6 yard line, sealing the victory in the greatest upset of all time. He is very fast and would be a great addition to any team in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding miami will take either glenn dorsey or matt ryan they released trent green so there is no way they will take an offensive lineman with the first pick

Anonymous said...

Sedrick Ellis to the Jets? They don't need a DT. I would expect Darren McFadden to fall to them.

Anonymous said...

Andre Woodson will go to the Bears at pick 14. Joe Flacco will possibly slide down to mid to late second round. I say this being unbiassed, but Andre Woodson is a beast. He has thrown 71 td's and just 18 ints in the last two years. Those are legendary numbers for a conference as tough as the SEC. I don't care what u think the SEC is the toughest conference in the nation. The sec eastern division could stand up against any conference in the nation alone. Oh by the way LSU sucks